Start The Year Fresh with These Cleaning Tips

A new year brings a fresh start! We all have this urge to start the year off right. At Chem-Dry Stone Oak we understand how important resolutions are whether it be a new workout routine, going sky diving or even keeping the house clean. We may not be able to give your health tips or help you jump out of a perfectly good airplane but we can give you words of wisdom when it comes to efficiently cleaning your home. Use these tips effectively clean your home & keep it that way.


  • Exercise regularly carpet maintenance including weekly vacuuming and inspection. Look for wear and tear like loose threads, torn spots, and stains.
  • Clean stains immediately as they happen! This will prevent them from setting and soiling the carpet. This could save your carpet.
  • Leave the shoes at the door. Shoes track in dirt and other debris that not only threaten the overall wellbeing of the carpet but can also increase allergens in the home.
  • Use pads or other cushioning under chairs, tables, etc. that sit on the carpet. This will help avoid any tearing or ripping that the heavy furniture may cause.
  • Rugs, rugs & more rugs. Use rugs in high traffic areas for quick cleaning & carpet longevity.


  • Vacuum your furniture using an attachment piece to grab any crumbs, lint, etc. that might be hidden in the cracks of the furniture.
  • Properly wash your Upholstery Items. Always check the tags on the furniture for specific cleaning instructions and directions.
  • Blot stains from liquids immediately! This is necessary to prevent the drink or other liquid from setting into furniture.
  • Invest in slipcovers that can be taken off and simply washed. You could think of these as the rugs for couches, simple to clean and increase the longevity of your furniture.
  • Remove pet hair either with a lint roller or by using masking tape. Create a habit of doing this as pet hair will transfer to clothing causing unwanted allergens.

Mold Prevention

  • Manage the moisture in your home. By controlling humidity with dehumidifiers, fans and air conditioning in damper areas of the home you greatly prevent mold and mildew growth.
  • Stay organized so that clutter does not accumulate in the home. Clutter can hide spots of mold growth and block air circulation.
  • Keep an eye out for any wet areas throughout the house such as bathrooms kitchen floors & laundry rooms, habitually keep them dry.
  • If mold is detected, call a professional to have the mold removed.

Start off 2015 the right way… with a clean and tidy home! There’s no better way to ensure a healthy and happy family than with a residency that is well maintained and free of clutter, mold, and any other contaminates. For deep cleaning & remediation call Chem-Dry Stone Oak today (210) 497-2888.

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